Cottage Cheese, Lime and Dill Dip

What You Need


200g Cottage Cheese 

20g Dill Leaves 

1/2 Lime 


  1. Add the cottage cheese, dill leaves (including stalks) and lime juice to a blender 
  2. Blitz until it become creamy, you may need to add some water to loosen it up Add a small amount at a time as you doesn’t want it to become watery 
  3. Add to a bowl 
  4. Enjoy! 


This simple dip is refreshing and tangy. Feel free to swap the herb to one of your choice, it also works well with coriander.

Cottage cheese can be controversial with its lumpy texture, but blended gives a creamy consistency. It has one of the highest protein counts of cheese, and is naturally low in fat. 

This also works well as a salad dressing, but we recommend adding more water to be able to drizzle it over. 

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