100% Air Dried Carrots

100% Air Dried Carrots


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The Bear couldn’t find crisps that he liked, everything seems to have too much oil , salt or sugar.

So he told the Squirrel: I will make my own, would you like to help?
The Squirrel smiled, so they began to slice and slice and slice, and let some warm air and time do the rest. The result was 100% goodness…..the healthiest snack in the forest! And they tried them and they liked them, and the voice spread all across the forest….

The bear (Robert) and the squirrel (Ed) are two friends with one common passion, to bring “100%“ to the snack market.

Natural, air dried, delicious fruit and veg crisps with nothing else added.

They co-founded RE100 ltd. in 2019 to kick start the Crisp RE-volution, get ready it’s healthy o’clock!

Weight20 g
Dimensions5 × 14 × 19 cm


Our 100% Air Dried Carrots are super duper healthy as we only use 100% vegetables with no nonsense added. Only a light touch of soft warm air.


Store in a cool dry place