Mango and Raspberry Bites – Freeze Dried

Mango and Raspberry Bites – Freeze Dried


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5th Season

5th Season is a range of delicious and healthy fruit snacks for adults and kids on the go. Many of us don’t have time to prepare strawberries and pineapple (and it gets messy in the bottom of your bag!), but these guys have taken all of the hassle out of it for us – it’s fruit without the fuss. Using the latest freeze-drying process, the fruit retain it’s shape, colour, zesty flavour and most importantly over 90% of the nutrients. At less than 50 calories per pack, 1 of your 5 a day, vegan, & 100% fruit – it’s the closest you’ll get to fresh fruit in a convenient snack pack. And for every pack bought money is given back to the farming communities in Eastern Africa through their charitable partnership. It’s the perfect way to enjoy fruit on-the-go…or even add to cereal, yoghurt or smoothies!

Weight17.38 g
Dimensions3.5 × 1.22 × 1.4 cm


Tropical mango and colourful raspberries: the perfect pair for your healthy fruit snack! A little sweet, a little sour… hugely tasty!


Products should not be stored in temperatures above 20C or below 5C


Organic Mango** (65%), Organic Raspberries* (35%) (Fruit mix may vary)