Seed Snacks – Fennel & Chia

Seed Snacks – Fennel & Chia


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Pep & Lekker was started by sisters in law Susan and Juliette. Susan was struggling to find nutritious food for her vegan son that tasted great. Together they created seed snacks focused on both nutrition and taste. Their moreish baked snacks are made of 14 all natural allergy free kitchen cupboard ingredients. Seed snacks are high in fibre, a good source of protein, gluten free and low in sugar. They are versatile can be eaten on their own or great with dips, soups, salad or desserts. The range includes 3 savoury flavours and 2 sweet flavours, something for the whole family.

Weight30 g
Dimensions2 × 11 × 14 cm


Lightly baked rolled snack made with rice flour, buckwheat flakes, rice protein and seeds bound together with chicory root fibre, apple puree and pure olive oil




sunflower seeds, apple puree, linseed, chicory root fibre, buckwheat flakes, chia seeds, rice flour, rice protein, olive oil, hemp seeds, fennel seeds, himalayan pink salt, pink peppercorns, blue poppy seed