Good Fibrations – Peanut Butter

Good Fibrations – Peanut Butter


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The Gut Stuff

When The Gut Stuff founders (twins Lisa and Alana) participated in a study as part of TwinsUK research they discovered that despite having 100% of the same DNA, their guts shared only 30–40% of the same microbiota. They began a mission to understand how and why this was and to take their learning to the masses. They found that the world of gut health was seen as a middle class luxury full of expensive products and inaccessible messaging. They set about to change this by launching The Gut Stuff through a combination of education and products.

Weight35 g
Dimensions13 × 3 × 1.2 cm


Believe it or not 9 in 10 of us aren’t getting enough fibre* so we developed the Good Fibrations snack bar to create an easy solution to help people increase their fibre intake.

With 10g in each 35g bar, one Good Fibrations bar offers a whole third of your daily fibre fix**.

High in fibre, gluten free, vegan and made with no emulsifiers or preservatives- this is the snack bar your gut will thank you for!

Try our Good Fibrations bars in Peanut Butter flavour – a high-fibre snacking bar? You peanut butter believe it!


Store in a cool dry place


Date paste, chicory inulin, peanuts (18%), chicory root fibre, peanut butter (4%), sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, salt.