Spinach, Basil and Egg Wrap

What You Need


Handful Spinach 

3 Eggs

4 Large Basil Leaves

Cooking Oil

Salt and Pepper 

1. Place the spinach, basil and eggs in a blender and blitz 

2. Season with salt and pepper 

3. Add oil to a pan and heat until hot 

4. Add the mix and cook as you would a pancake 

5. Flip the wrap once and cook on both sides 

6. Plate up and add your favourite toppings 

7. Enjoy!


The technique is to cook them like a pancake. Heat the oil before adding the mix. 

Be careful not to add too much spinach or basil when blitzing as it won’t hold together. 

Such a simple recipe and a great way to get protein and iron into your diet. 

We used left over chicken, jalapeños, cream cheese, tomatoes, avocado and rocket. 


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